The History of AnimaViva

The publishing house AnimaViva Multilingüe offers publications in a number of languages, often combining two, three or four languages, and which are available in up-to-date formats.

The most up-to-date are the ebook and audio-book. In some cases, living artists provide their creations for the cover. Different collections enable you to discover a large scope of domains, to start with: Golden Poetry and Essays are first ranking and include series like: excerpts drawn from great texts of humanity, or philosophy and renown ‘directors of collection’ imprint excellence on their series.

Around each publication are organized events, meetings, round table discussions, debates, interviews, and more, which can be followed via Internet, directly or afterwards on our website. Our blog offers interesting views from personalities who share what they particularly love or hate, their surprises or their shocks, and their ideas might surprise or annoy. These ‘posts’ are often linked to our publications or our events, to the world of books or the world of ideas, but not exclusively. World events, the dialog of cultures, the global transformation might call our attention and do invite you to join a lively debate.

AnimaViva Multilingüe takes actively part in the global mutations of our time in such domains as education through reading and its devices, the passing on of knowledge and the world of publication in general.

Contact Us

Contact us anytime for more information about our publications or for general information about our upcoming projects.