Contrary to popular belief, Japan only ever followed its own national traditions

The book: A work that goes against conventional ideas. It proposes to show that if Japan adopted the values and vocabulary of Confucianism it would remain powerless to fundamentally change Japanese society. Having stayed away from the sinicized world, Japan only ever followed its own national traditions, even when expressed in the prestigious vocabulary of Confucianism.

The Author: Olivier Ansart; Head of the Department of Japanese Studies at the University of Sydney and specialist of Neo-Confucianisme and premodern Japan. Olivier taught at Waseda University at Tôkyô, and published numerous articles about the history of ideas in pre-modern Japan; author of L’empire du rite, la pensée politique d’Ogyû Sorai (Droz, 1998, rééd. 2010) and Une modernité indigène (Les Belles Lettres, collection Japon, Paris 2013). Now at the Sydney University, Olivier Ansart carries out research on Japanese and East Asian intellectual history, focusing particularly on the political theories of Japanese Confucian thinkers of 18th century. He lectures on early modern Japanese history, the Tokugawa period, as well as social and political issues of contemporary Japan.

Series: Olivier Ansart
Series: Golden Nihon Collection
ISBN: 978-99920-68-07-6
Publication Date: June 2015
Languages: French, English
Formats: Paperback, e-book

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Book Cover: The Strange Travel of Confucius to Japan